With an innovative and effective Workforce Management Solution (WMS) in place, clients are able to maximise the productivity of their business ensuring the right candidates, fit into the right roles, with the right skill set and enthusiasm. When recruiting casual and temporary staff, workforce management is important to further implement a strong team and the positive influence they instil on their workplace and customer service outcomes. Meanwhile, taking the pressure off clients to source casual and short term staff that will contribute to the growth and success of their business. The use of a successful workforce management solution also fosters the growth of a client’s business and contributes to positive and enthusiastic staff morale.

It is widely acknowledged that every work venue and industry is different; however, effective workplace management solutions can play a driving force in contributing to the success of a business. Effective workforce management assists established businesses with driven employees to cater to the clients overall commitment to the community.

It is crucial that clients are to be placed first and their needs met to gain the desired result for their business. To facilitate an effective outcome for all professions involved, it is highly important to customize a service tailored to suit the needs of the client and the overall handling of their service.

The benefits of using workforce management solutions include:

  • Training and induction of all new staff members, ensuring staff are knowledgeable and ready to go.
  • Generate, deliver and manage rosters to make the most out of client resources.
  • Employment and Payrolling adhering to the clients professional employment requirements.
  • Ongoing assessment of staff to meet clients staffing and recruitment needs.
  • OHS and IR management of staff
  • Risk, Dispute and RTW Management.
  • Easy to access and willing WMS services are available

If you are in need of compelling and beneficial workforce management solutions, Centastaff can assist you in achieving the success of your employment and staffing targets. Our innovative service will give you the confidence to continue the implementation of your day to day business, and allow the right staff to make a smooth transition into your service.

The Centastaff role of specialising in workforce management solutions maximises the outcomes for businesses by delivering a customised recruitment and team service. Our friendly and helpful consultancy provides not only the traditional recruitment and selection assistance, but the overall management of personnel team members and the success of management outcomes.  

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