Complete Management of your Casual Team 

From finding you the best Talent to providing you a Workforce partnership that enhances your operations, Centastaff are here to let you focus on business excellence. 

Our team are experienced in Managing large volumes of casual staff. We understand that every work site, and every industry is different, so our Workforce Management packages are tailored to accommodate  your individual requirements

Depending on your requirements, Centastaff can relieve some of the stress from on site supervisors & managers by keeping a pool of staff available for unexpected staffing needs.

Workforce Management Melbourne

Casual Staff Management

We have a broad, active database of flexible workers available for short and long term assignments, pre-qualified through our selection processes and aligned to each client’s project and cultural requirements.

  • Train & induct all new staff
  • Generate, Deliver and Manage Rosters – leave requests, shift cancellations, replacement of ‘call in sick’
  • 24/7 Telephone support
  • Ongoing Assessment of staff
  • Time Management
  • Employment & Payrolling
  • Tailored Invoicing
  • Ongoing accreditation management
  • OHS and IR Management of staff
  • Issue & Manage PPE
  • Risk, Dispute and RTW Management
  • Output and Efficiency management

Centastaff offer a unique capability and history that enables us to provide everything from traditional recruitment and selection services, to complete management of outsourced workforces and outcome management.

Our Workforce Management approach keeps the staff member at the centre of the requirement, ensuring loyalty, ongoing worker satisfaction, retention, punctuality and building a culture that takes a level of ownership for not just the tasks to be achieved in their role, but the teams responsibility to you on any given day, week, month or Project. 

Talk to us about how we can deliver increased value to through provision of trained, managed workforces under service delivery and outcome-based agreements.

Workforce Management Packages

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