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Update on the current situation

A little message from our Family to you

Established 21 years ago, Centastaff is a wholly Australian owned company where the people who work in the business, own the business.

Directors Anne & Danielle have been providing quality recruitment to local organisations across Melbourne for decades, and continue to support our loyal customers at this time.

We believe that we have two customers - The businesses that put their trust in us to recruit for them, and the people who are placed into jobs by us and continue to fly the flag.

Centastaff must respond by supporting our clients, our candidates, and our workforce as best we can!

We would like to reassure our staff who are currently working, or who’s shifts have been cut, or who are currently out of assignment – You will not be forgotten when things recover.

We are all in this together, and we will get through it together. I am happy to offer any support required, and I encourage you to do the same with family and friends.

Stay informed, be kind, be curious about opportunity, and if you are able – please support local business.


Who are We?


At Centastaff we provide personalised, cost-effective and quality recruitment and staffing solutions. We are a recruitment agency that caters to the needs of Melbourne businesses. We work with our clients to ensure the successful hiring of excellent candidates every time. We specialise in providing businesses with innovative and permanent recruitment solutions.

Our unique combination of workforce management solutions, training and human resources assistance ensures that both parties are the right fit for each other.

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Recruitment Agency Melbourne
Permanent Recruitment

At Centastaff, we treat every hiring process with care, attention and respect. We believe that every position deserves the perfect candidate. We believe in the right fit for both the company and the candidate so we only provide businesses with candidates that are an ideal match. No hassle hiring a new employee, no rehiring, because we provide the right person the first time.

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We provide consulting services to understand your business and establish your goals. Working with businesses, we are able to give them a full analysis of their recruitment needs, plan growth strategies and outline effective management procedures that can be put into place.

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With fluctuating workplaces, some organisations require a stream of casual employees. Working with Centastaff we are able to provide you with a pool of pre-screened candidates that fit your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

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Established Opportunities not Misunderstood Requirements

Melbourne businesses love our team at Centastaff because we provide them with candidates that fit their needs and have the skills and work ethic that they are looking for. We have helped a range of industries find long-term employees.

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Office Support

In an office environment we have provided skilled:
- Personal Assistants and Secretaries
- Payroll and Accounts Officers
- Data Entry Analysts
- Customer Service Officers
- Bookkeepers
- Administrative Employees

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Warehouse Roles

In a warehouse we have assessed and evaluated candidates for:
- RF Scanning Positions
- Pick Packing
- Forklift Operating
- Warehouse Administration and Assistant Positions

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Why Choose Us?

We offer more than just a screening and a resume.

It's a Partnership

We partner with businesses to find the right candidates, but we don’t stop there. We check in with the clients and the new employees and make sure everything is running smoothly. Our clients love our method and depend on our consultants for their next hire.

Ongoing Career Progression

As a part of our process, we also help employees progress within their organisation. We provide development opportunities, skill assessments and training plans to support them throughout their career progression.

Professional and Practical

We are not a one-trick recruitment agency, we supply the right candidate for clients in professional organisations and in skilled environments. Our team of consultants provide candidates with the necessary training plans to upskill into higher roles.

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