Attracting and retaining great talent in a business is getting more and more complex. The days of a simple, steady wage and job security being enough for workers are gone as more and more companies discover that investing in the happiness of their staff will have a flow on effect to productivity, staff retention, and their overall brand image.

Nailing down the right perks for your employees requires a bit of research into what will suit your business structure, budget, and general wants and needs of your people.

To spark some inspiration, here are a few of the top job perks based on statistics that you can consider for your employees.

Flexible working arrangements

This one has become a given for most companies today. The introduction and evolution of technology has made working remotely or even in transit incredibly easy. Providing flexible working arrangements allows employees a better work-life balance and demonstrates that they’re trusted and respected members of your team. Having flexible hours also allows for parents to work around school pickups and drop-offs and is more likely to result in employees being more productive when their hours suit their needs.

Examples of flexible working arrangements might include:

  • Working from home
  • Choosing their own hours
  • Working during their commute to reduce office contact hours and shorten their day
  • Allowing for other commitments such as parental duties or religious obligations
  • The ability to purchase more annual leave than standard

Time in lieu

When staff put in extra hours to get a project finished, fill in for a shortage, or just to get a task completed, they want to see their efforts recognised and rewarded. Time is one of the most valuable things to great workers and giving them extra time off for their additional hours worked is a highly sought-after perk.

Extended parental leave

A lot of companies boast a ‘family-friendly’ philosophy, yet still offer only the bare minimum, legally required amount of parental leave to employees. Parents of newborn children can be overwhelmed with joy, stress, and sleep deprivation, only made more complicated by a workplace demanding their return within a short timeframe. By developing a considerate and generous parental leave policy, your employees will feel valued, respected, secure, and more likely to return to their positions.

Health insurance 

Employees want assurance that their health is a priority for their employer. Companies that provide health insurance benefits for their staff are more likely to attract and retain great people who know their wellbeing is cared for. This also includes having a good Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place that offers free access to mental health care, financial advice and other services that benefit staff and can extend to their family.

Subsidised training and development

A top way to demonstrate to employees that they are valued is to actively invest in their futures. Providing staff with subsidised training opportunities and the time required to upskill and personally develop themselves is a worthwhile investment. This is a win-win for employees and employers with the skills and training obtained contributing to productivity, work quality, and shows great leadership from both parties.

Birthday/milestone gifts and acknowledgement

Something as simple as buying a cake for an employee’s birthday or celebrating a milestone can attract the highest gratitude and praise as an employer. A workplace culture that promotes a community/family dynamic can be a major contributor to staff retention and overall satisfaction levels. It can be as simple as a morning tea and a gift voucher, or something more elaborate. Either way, it’s a fantastic, personal touch and a highly regarded perk.

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