Are you having trouble finding the right candidate for your business? Are you starting to think it’s time to call on a recruitment agency for support? Having agency assistance is highly beneficial for time-poor companies and will help them find an employee that meets all of their standards. Take a look at how your business can benefit…

Saves you time:

No one knows how long a recruitment process they enter into will take. It can take hours and even days of employers feeling like they are getting nowhere. Aviation recruitment agencies are able to screen CV’s, organise initial interviews, negotiate salaries, general administration duties and chase follow ups with the candidate. Recruitment agencies can take tasks off the hands of managers which allows them time to do other important work.

More candidates, more choice:

It takes time to find the right employee. Aviation recruitment agencies can take the search up a notch and dedicate their time, resources and expertise to find that perfect candidate. With the ability to create job ads to get the word out, recruitment agencies are also able to connect with skilled and enthusiastic candidates who approach them looking for work. Not only that but with the use of different forms of media (telephone, email, social media) recruitment agencies can encourage potential candidates to apply.

Specific market knowledge:

Recruitment consultants continue to upskill by keeping up with the latest news and developments in the industry they are finding candidates for. This insight enables them to ask the questions they need to ask and look out for any red flags. Having recruiters with market knowledge can make the recruiting process a lot more smoother.

Agency understanding:

Aviation recruitment agencies are trained to properly question a candidate and use methods to reveal the knowledge of potential employee’s to find out if they are suited to your company. By understanding the customer and the needs of the workplace, the recruitment agency can then have all the boxes ticked when finding the perfect candidate for the company.

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