A lot of work goes into the human resources recruitment process, from the initial interview itself to the signing on arrangements, you can be sure it is not only the interview candidates working up a sweat before their interviews. It’s normal for interviewers to feel unsure of what to do in their interview and miss the questions they need to know answers to. Take a look at the following tips to keep you on top of your interviewer game.

Key questions:

Jot down questions that directly relate to your advertised position and its job tasks and responsibilities. You will find that you will naturally think of more questions as the conversation progresses. Having the main ones relating to the position description in front of you will give you a good start.

Adopt the mindset of a salesperson:

A big part of an interview is you ‘selling’ the benefits of the company, the position and the opportunity you provide to potential candidates.You can explain the in’s and out’s of the job and why you love working there yourself.

Re-read over your files:

To build your confidence and impress your candidates re-read each resume and look through their Linkedin and Twitter accounts to get an idea of who they are. This will make you feel more comfortable as you’ll become more familiar with who they are, and you’ll be more organised in preparation for your interview.

Watch non-verbal signals:

Candidates will hopefully have brushed up on their interview skills just as you are. For them this includes eye contact, good posture and appropriate dress. Be sure to keep this in mind for you as the interviewer. Dress professionally, be aware of eye contact, and keep your conversation friendly and professional. Afterall, you are representing the company overall.

Outline the structure of the interview:

At the beginning of the interview be sure to give a run through of what will be discussed and include if you are offering a quick tour or meet and greet with the staff afterwards. Give a brief overview of the company, job duties, and then ask your candidate questions and answer to theirs. This will enable you to stay focused and keep track of time.

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