The team within a business is paramount to its success, which makes hiring the right staff a crucial element to the productivity of your workplace. Not only are you trying to find the right people to work with you, but it is worth paying extra attention to how your workplace can provide the right environment for those that consider applying for your position. A lot of thought can go into the employment process, and the clearer you set yours out to be the easier you will find the right staff members for you. Before you begin your recruitment process it is important to consider…

The staff member that will propel your business:

To find the right employees, you will need a thorough understanding of what it is that you want and need in an employee to help your business grow. Review your company’s values and goals in preparation for reading through the applications, as well as the skills needed that will help your business grow. Entering the recruitment process with a clear direction of what is best for the company is worthwhile when choosing to hire more members.


There are numerous avenues for advertising and promoting positions that you need to fill. You can advertise the business by placing the ad on your website, on job recruitment websites, or through your social media channels. It is important to remember that word-of-mouth is also a powerful way for potential employees to find you. Positive word-of-mouth will come from happy staff members so it is also important to review why your workplace is the best place for employee’s to find work at.

Review your procedure:

Take a look over your recruitment procedure and make any adjustments that may make the process run smoother. Read through your interview questions to ensure all questions are relevant to the applicant and the position they are applying for. Also establish who will be interviewing the applicant with you. It is beneficial to the company to have more than one person conducting an interview as someone else can pick up something that you may have missed out on.

Interview process

After establishing your companies values and goals, it is time to get ready for the interview process. Shortlist applicants and confirm their referee’s listed as well as their contact details, this will save time should the applicant have needed to make any last minute changes. Remember this is also a time for potential employee’s to get to know you and your business, making it the perfect opportunity to highlight why your workplace is the best place for them to work. After having found the right person, you can then proceed to hand out your offer of employment.

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