Applying for your Airport Security Identification Card (ASIC) sounds like it could take 10 hours and 50,000 pages of complicated instructions and hoops to jump through. Don’t worry – we’ve laid out all the steps for you (there’s only five!)

As an employee, you will need a valid ASIC worn at all times to work either airside or within a sterile area of Melbourne Airport, and to access and work within other restricted areas.

The five steps to apply online

1. Your application

The whole application process is completed online here. This involves registering as a user with your name and email address, then moving to the personal details section. You can enter information and save your application progress to come back to it at any time (after you’ve turned your house upside down to find your passport or other piece of information you need!) The details you’ll be required to give at this stage include your contact information, employer details, your address history for the last 10 years, proof of identification, and other relevant information. Once submitted, you’ll get an email confirmation and move to the next step.

2. Your application is reviewed, then approved

Your application is sent to your employer’s authorised signatory for review, where they will check your information and provide details of the restricted areas you will be accessing. If approved, you will receive an email notification and a request for payment to be made (if you are paying out of pocket).

3. Payment for your ASIC

The cost of an ASIC is $230. If you are paying out of pocket, you can use a credit card online. If your company is paying for your ASIC, they will be invoiced when your application is approved.

4. AusCheck will begin screening

AusCheck are a body within The Department of Home Affairs and are responsible for conducting criminal and national background checks for the issuing of ASICs and similar schemes. This check may result in one of three outcomes:

  • Your check is unconditionally approved (your ASIC is issued to you)
  • Your check is conditionally approved (there may be a risk assessment and other requirements before your ASIC can be issued)
  • Your check is rejected (you won’t be issued an ASIC and you will be notified)

5. Your ASIC is issued

You’re all set! You’ll be put through an online induction training course, then will be able to collect your ASIC.

How to collect your ASIC

Once you’ve been approved, you can collect your ASIC at Melbourne Airport Security Services during their business hours. You will need to bring the forms of identification and documentation used in your application to be confirmed by Security Services before your ASIC can be issued. Make sure it’s a good hair day – you’ll need to be prepared to have a new photograph taken for the card.

Keeping your ASIC secure

ASICs expire, get lost, forgotten, or even stolen. It’s important to follow the guidelines laid out by Melbourne Airport to comply with the terms and conditions of your ASIC and prevent any incidents occurring.

If you need any further help regarding ASIC please contact us.

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