The aviation industry in Australia is growing, and this means there are more jobs being created in the sector. If you are considering in a career in aviation, here’s what you need to know about aviation job opportunities in Australia, and especially in Melbourne, Victoria.

Growth in the Aviation Industry in Australia.

Australia’s aviation industry has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years. As of 2017, the industry employed more than 88,000 people. It’s projected that the industry will continue to grow as domestic and international business travelers and tourists continue to visit Australian cities and states. Most of the aviation workforce in Australia is concentrated around major cities in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, but as the industry continues to

expand, there has been an increase in the number of domestic airline routes in all states and territories. This has come with an increase in demand for pilots, engineers, and ground staff. To ensure that major airports can accommodate more flights and passengers, expansion plans for Brisbane Airport, Melbourne Airport, and Hobart International Airport are in the works.

Melbourne’s airport expansion and growth

In Victoria, a master plan to expand Melbourne Airport is being executed. The expansion is necessary because the number of passengers using the airport has risen to 35 million in 2017, and its likely to double within the next 20 years. The expansion plan includes proposals to construct a third and fourth runway, and to extend the east-west runway to 3500 meters and the north-south runway to 4500 meters. Towards that end, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Department of Finance are working together to acquire land around the airport. Additionally, there’s a plan to construct a railway between the airport and the CBD in Melbourne to make it easier for travelers to get to and from the airport.

Job opportunities in the Aviation Industry

Thanks to the expansion and growth in places like Melbourne Airport, there are lots of job opportunities in Australia’s aviation industry. According to a report released by the Australian Industry Standards, there’s a shortage of pilots, maintenance technicians, and engineers, ground staff, trainers, reporting officers, compliance officers, health and safety officers, and software engineers in airports all over Australia.

New opportunities are opening up because the current workforce is aging, and there’s a need for more security and customer service personnel at the airports. Even though some ground operations are being automated, there’s still an increase in the demand for people who can maintain and operate machinery at the airports.

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