Reading the Advertisement

Sending your application is often the first point of contact with the prospective employer. Make a good impression by ensuring that you have followed their instructions and taken note of what they are asking for:

  • Identify the skills that are mentioned as a necessity, and ensure that you have them
  • Identify the necessary experience that is requested, and ensure that you encompass this
  • Attach a covering letter, and address the criteria if requested
  • Ensure that your resume and covering letter have been updated and are relevant
  • Apply via the method specified in the advert – take note if you are required to send your application via e-mail, post, fax, on-line etc and follow the instructions

Your forward thinking and initiative will impress an employer, and allow you to stand out from the numerous applications that they are bound to receive.

Searching for a job can be time consuming and frustrating at times, so following the above steps may save you from sending out numerous applications to positions that are not suited to your current skills set.

Covering Letters

When sending a covering letter along with your resume, this is your means of introducing yourself to the prospective employer. There are a few simple rules to follow if you wish to leave a positive impression:

  • Provide your name & contact details
  • Ensure that you include the current date
  • Address the letter to the employer as per the name, address & details supplied in the advert (if possible)
  • Ensure that you are referring to the correct job title, ie “Executive Officer – Southern Region”
  • Detail what your motivation is for applying for the role – Why do you want that job?
  • Let the employer know of any skills & experience that you possess that are relevant to their advertisement
  • Detail your availability for interview if possible (or “at your request”)
  • Spell-check!!!

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