Have you always wanted to follow a career path into human resources? Well now is a great time to work your way into it. Human resources is a fast-growing career field and there is a need for employees of all abilities and qualifications. It provides multiple opportunities for career progression, perfectly suited to those that like to continue the growth of their professional development. A career in human resources is popular with those who like the opportunity to be of help to a number of areas within an organisation. Be it assisting the growth of the organisations employees or getting involved in business decisions and considerations.

Responsibilities of a HR assistant:

  • Customer service and enquiries
  • Processing mail and email documents
  • Creating and preparing documents and reports
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Entering and maintaining data entries
  • Assisting in the planning of job interviews
  • Point-of-contact for employees and organisations
  • Prepare new employee documentation
  • Collect employee and tax information

Qualities of a HR assistant:

The skills and knowledge that employers look for in a HR assistant include:

  • Problem solving skills and the ability to calmly resolve errors or mistakes.
  • Strong communication skills along with the ability to listen and understand others and to relay any information needed.
  • High organisational skills and the ability to do accurate and thorough observations.
  • Able to prioritise and plan time.
  • Reliable and able to work to deadlines.

Who can apply:

This will depend on your region and what exactly it is you want to professionally get out of HR. It will also will depend on the organisation and the skills they are wanting to see of you. In searching for a job in human resources, anyone who has (or is willing) to gain experience can find a HR position to suit them. You can choose from an endless amount of institutions to become certified in human resources. Having a qualification will also mean you will be on a higher rate than those without one.

Are you seeking a job in human resources? At Centastaff we strive to find the perfect candidates for positions in this department. If you need help to find a job in this industry, get in touch with the team at Centastaff today.

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