While demand for flexible workers and temporary staff traditionally increases leading into the holiday season, hiring temporary staff can be a great solution across the year in keeping your business on the move.

Short term flexible workers benefit your business in multiple ways; whether it’s hiring specialised skills for projects, covering essential permanent employee’s leave or extra demand for staff over the peak summer holiday season, or bringing new skills to the team; employers are recognising the rewards of flexible staffing.

A flexible approach to your organisation’s long-term staffing strategy keeps your business responsive and competitive, ensures business continuity and presents opportunities to access to a larger pool of skilled talent.

Temporary workers are a great asset to any organisation’s workforce and sourcing and hiring talent on a temporary basis from your preferred recruitment agencies delivers many key advantages including an easier exit if the hire doesn’t work out.

Provides flexibility in your workforce in an ever changing economy

To remain competitive, many companies in today’s uncertain times need to be flexible to the fluctuating demands of business by adapting their workforce during busy or seasonal periods.

Whereas hiring permanent staff can be a drawn-out process, hiring temporary employees provides an immediate and quick solution for any seasonal workload increases, unexpected staff losses, extended leave periods and major projects.

Hire for when you need staff and cut back when you don’t.

Diversifies your team and brings in new skills

Engaging temporary staff provides a great opportunity to bring in talent from outside the organisation and access their diverse experiences, skills, talents and ideas.

Their specialised knowledge can add great value to your existing team by improving workplace competencies and simplifying processes; and providing the expertise needed for a specialised project or new product.

Using a flexible professional means, you only pay for the time of the temporary contract rather than the costs of full-time salaries which is a fantastic way to bring talented people into your business.

Evaluate the potential of a longer-term hire

Finding the right long-term employee is challenging for most employers.

By engaging temporary employees to fill a role in the short-term, it gives employers the chance to evaluate workers over an extended timeframe before considering a permanent offer.

You could think of it as a lengthy interview as it gives you the opportunity to view the employee in action, their skills, work ethic, cultural fit and ability to perform the role.

An added benefit of a short-term hire is it takes away the pressure of hiring too quickly as the role is filled throughout the recruitment process and gives space to hire the right talent in the longer term.

Reduce your hiring costs

Hiring is a large cost to any business and a major advantage in using temporary recruitment agency is the agency will employ your temporary staff.

This means they cover the costs of hiring compliance, including providing insurance cover, paying taxes and any fees associated with recruiting, screening, testing and hiring a professional, as well as payroll.

For short-term projects this is a major cost saving to taking on a permanent employee.

Keeping your workplace culture and morale positive

Providing extra staff during busy periods or covering roles when there is unexpected staff turnover can go a long way in keeping the permanent team motivated, content and productive, and ensures you don’t make a rash long-term hiring decision.

Using short-term employees to fill unexpected or additional vacancies is a smart, efficient and agile solution in ensuring smooth business operations and retaining a positive company culture and overall workplace mood.

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